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Convenience would stop music piracy

Posted 8th May 2010 by Michael Osborn

MOST people who illegally download movies, music and TV shows would pay for them if there was a cheap and legal service as convenient as file sharing tools like BitTorrent.

That's the finding of the most comprehensive look yet at people who illegally download TV shows, movies and music in Australia, conducted by news.com.au and market research firm CoreData.

The survey canvassed the attitudes of more than 7000 people who admitted to streaming or downloading media from illegitimate sources in the past 12 months.

It found accessibility was as much or more of a motivator than money for those who illegally download media using services like BitTorrent.

More respondents said they turned to illegal downloads because they were convenient than because they were free, when it came to all three types of media covered by the survey — TV shows, movies and music; and more than two-thirds said they would pay for downloads from a legitimate service that was just as convenient if it existed.

The hypothetical legitimate service was described as giving users access to TV shows, movies and music they wanted, when they wanted them, without ads or copy protection.

Here at DreamStreaming, we are committed to offering free and paid for LEGAL music sources, because the music artists deserve to be paid or recognized for their product. Lets hope the music industry can get its act together before it's too late!

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