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Legal or illegal? The trouble with file sharing.

Posted 30th June 2011 by Michael Osborn

We do from time to time get suggestions from the DreamStreaming members to add sites that offer either illegal music sharing sites or Torrent download sites. Our aim is to support the whole music industry and promote uncompressed music as a good idea for the performers, the distributors, and us music lovers. So please, do not be too taken aback if we send you an email something like:

Dear ----,

Unfortunately, we are unable to add your site suggestion, as it offers or directs toward Torrent downloads, which are potentially illegal from a commercial theft and copyright point of view. But thank you for bringing it to our attention, and hopefully you will keep on looking for download or streaming sites that offer commercially legal music content and draw them to our attention.

DreamStreaming supports the right for musicians to be paid for their creativity, talent and time, the industry is in a right mess due to file sharing, so we will not be adding to it, and hope that our members respect and agree with this position.

Best regards,

DreamStreaming Team.

We really do appreciate all the help the DreamStreaming members give us, tracking down legal music sites around the world, which offer quality music and downloads or streams or radio content, even if they are currently only offering highest res. MP3 (and radio will only do this for the time being, unless your in the US and can get HD Radio. Ed.) - if they are interesting and unique, we will list them, and can start working on them to change their ideas, and start offering uncompressed music as well.

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