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We Welcome Joseph Riden to our Blog.

Posted 19th March 2013 by Michael Osborn

We are very pleased... extremely pleased, even, to introduce you to Joseph Riden, who is going to become a DreamStreaming resident blogger, offering insights, practical advice and common-sense ideas to help us all in what can often seem like a 'dark art' - getting the best music and musicality from the internet and all things digital.

We hope you find his ideas and practical suggestions both thought-provoking and helpful.

Joseph Riden enjoys a longstanding interest in high fidelity music. He's well positioned to write about music enjoyment and share useful insights. Gathering sources, systems, and spaces, he brings the parts together to design an outstanding experience of music – his "sound track for real life".

Joseph applies both technical and creative backgrounds, having enjoyed a career in industrial design and design engineering. A drive to align the motives behind design with its process and goals prompted him to start and run a marketing agency and from that experience, he has produced a book.

An early adopter of internet technology, Joseph has authored several blogs to support business ventures, led creative web design teams, and amassed a group of happy clients. He has integrated and enjoyed several high fidelity systems and collected recordings across several genres on various media. He reads widely about Hi-Fi to stay current. As a continual music listener, Joseph is always integrating new and better systems.

His passions for both music and the internet are converging with professional experience these days. He's developing a web presence dedicated to Hi-Fi music listening where he'll offer related products. We welcome Joseph as a contributor to the DreamStreaming blog.


P.S. If you would like to contribute to this blog with your ideas or thoughts, do please mail us and we will be delighted to publish any appropriate contributions. Meanwhile, do please comment on anything Joseph says, he has told us that some of his ideas may well cause some readers to throw things at the screen! Joseph's first DreamStreaming blog post is coming soon.

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