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New Studio Quality formats being added to DreamStreaming

Posted 10th September 2013 by DreamStreaming


Availability of High Res. studio quality music is still only just taking off. We know that the 'industry' is still very cautious about releasing what they see as the 'crown jewels' - the master tapes - for digital downloading; and its clear that if they are then illegally copied and distributed there will be no turning back of the clock, that will be it, revenues will dry up - or is this just a paranoid old style business model approach to the music business? The other issue is cost - a lot of master 'tapes' be they actually on tape or held in WAV or DSD digital format, require re-engineering before release and I'm told this can be an expensive and time consuming business.

So what's new? Well, I've mentioned one exciting new development above - DSD files for download. There are now DACs being launched and even software converters for your computer, to play these studio quality files. Cookie Marenco, the US based Music Engineer and Producer behind some very fine DSD recordings, and promoter of the DSD music file for download, is offering some very good sounding recordings with this particular process (see Blue Coast Records) - and others are starting to sell DSD files. So, we will be showing DSD file suppliers on DreamStreaming from now.

DreamStreaming was established to highlight and promote Studio Quality or High quality music downloads and streaming. In the three, almost four years we have been doing this a small number of companies have started to sell High Res. 24bit and DSD files on microSD cards. These are the same sort of price as downloads and can be bought from online shops, so we are going to add these to our listings as well - because it's the studio quality we really care about and wish to promote for the enjoyment of all you music lovers out there, not the downloading aspect! I do hope you agree with this.

... and finally, just a reminder. This site is run for the common good of all you music lovers and audiophiles out there, it's not a commercial site; we advertise a bit to keep our overhead costs down, that's it. Please help if you can - send us information about new (legal) sites selling studio quality music or interesting music sites and we will add them to the listings for everyone to explore and benefit from.

Happy listening


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