Our guides and further information

If you are just setting out to build your digital music library or access the best, highest quality free internet music from the web, it may seem a daunting task. There are numerous informational sites on the web, usually written by people with a thorough understanding of the technologies, but no great skill at explaining it in clear language for the less technical amongst us.

We have not set out with the intention of offering the definitive guide on downloading and streaming technologies or hardware requirements - we will primarily focus our efforts on offering the best guide to and information on high quality music content sites. It would however be remiss of us not to offer some background information, so we will make these as clear and non-technical as possible.

We will also offer hyperlinks to other useful informational pages, so if you know of sites offering instruction or information on getting the best sounds, storing your music in the best way, or any other related information you feel would be useful for our members, please let us know.