United KingdomAbsolute Radio

Currently broadcasting our services without compression using OGG-FLAC technology.


Best codecs: FLAC 16bit 44.1kHz, MP3 192kbps

Absolute Radio (FLAC 16bit 44.1kpbs)
Absolute Radio (MP3 192kbps)
Absolute Radio (Vorbis 160kbps)

Internet radio lossless streaming trial (OGG-FLAC)

We are currently broadcasting our services without compression using OGG-FLAC technology. This will no doubt be pleasing for all you audiophiles out there but do bear the following points in mind:

This is a trial - we don't guarantee it to be perfect!
Lossless streaming takes up a LOT of bandwidth. It averages 1 MBit/sec.
Broadband only!
If you have a heavily contended or just generally ropey broadband connection you will experience buffering
If your broadband connection has restrictions (such as download limits) bear this in mind. You may end up using all your allowance very quickly.

Absolute Radio brings you great music!

Last modified 9th Jul 2011

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