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Languages: English and German

Best codec: WAV 24bit 352.8kHz

Designed, edited and operated in Germany, HIGHRESAUDIO is the first commercial music download service for audiophiles worldwide offering only high-resolution 24-bit albums and songs at sampling rates from 88.2kHz up to 192kHz. HIGHRESAUDIO brings online music distribution to the next level – far beyond from existing heavily compressed audio download services; to include extensive editorial data, detailed album description, biographies, reviews and artist related content. Thanks to its proprietary structure and rich graphics design, provides ease of access to all hosted content, extensive search and discovery capabilities as well as innovative features to allow customers to easily browse, manage, customize and purchase High-Res-Audio digital music that is compatible with multiple platforms and devices.

The High-Res-Audio music, that you purchase from us is guaranteed native 24bit Studio Master material. We have signed with all music labels, artists and artist-agencies contracts to assure exactly that. We do not accept nor offer up-sampled or converted material. Our quality-control checks and evaluates with a professional studio software, that you will receive and buy only native 24bit "High-Res-Audio" music from us.

Last modified 7th Oct 2012

DS: We wish all at HighResAudio the very best, they are showing the industry the future! (Ed.)
9th May 2011

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