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Languages: Dutch and English

Best codecs: MP3 128kbps, AAC 96kbps

IFM 1 (MP3 128kbps)
IFM 2 (MP3 128kbps)
IFM 3 (MP3 128kbps)
IFM 4 (MP3 128kbps)
IFM 4 (AAC 96kbps)
IFM 1 (AAC 96kbps)
IFM 3 (AAC 96kbps)
IFM 2 (AAC 96kbps)

Welcome to Intergalactic FM.
Intergalactic FM is an initiative from the Hotmix Foundation which is based in The Hague, The Netherlands.
It is dedicated to archivation, preservation and promotion of (electronic) music and DJ culture.
Hotmix is active since jan. 4th 1990 and changed it's legal status into a non-profit organization September 13th 2007.

Intergalactic FM came forth from The CBS (Cybernetic Broadcasting System) which broadcasted 24/7 from December 23rd 2002 to late 2007.
CBS is currently serving as channel 4 on Intergalactic FM.

Last modified 27th May 2011

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