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Best codec: MP3 128kbps

The Live365 radio network reaches millions of listeners worldwide, offering greater breadth and depth of high-quality streaming music, talk, and audio than any other network. Featuring 260+ genres of music produced by 5,000+ broadcasters and music tastemakers from over 150 countries, the network boasts a roster of artists and radio producers ranging from the Atlanta Symphony, Pat Metheny, David Navarro, and Carlos Santana, to commercial and public radio stations, to individual DJs who program stations in every musical style. In short, Live365 is programmed by real people with a deep passion for music.

Live365's end-to-end broadcast platform empowers individuals and organizations alike by giving them a "voice" to reach audiences around the globe. Through easy-to-use tools and services as well as royalty coverage, anyone with a computer and Internet connection can create his or her own Internet radio station and reach a global audience with minimal cost and effort.

Led by a small, dedicated team of talented individuals, Live365 has succeeded in a highly competitive market thanks to a diversified business model that includes listener subscriptions, broadcasting subscriptions, and advertising revenues. Live365 has broadcast continuously since 1999, survived the .com collapse, and is expanding. Working for Live365 means having a voice in the company's decisions and a chance to have impacts on its performance. You will also be a part of a community that has a real mission-giving a voice to the individual and providing a venue for all kinds of music and audio content, not just "commercially viable" artists and genres.

Live365 is a founding board member of the Digital Media Association (DiMA), and a member of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS). Based in Silicon Valley, Live365 pays royalties to labels, artists, songwriters, and publishers through established royalty collection organizations including ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange.

Last modified 26th May 2010

DS: Live 365 offers convenience and huge content variety. Most radio stations on 365 are streaming at low bit rates, but search out the 128K streams and there are some good music stations in amongst the local community and University radio sites. Paid for premium service at $71.40c (US) per year (March2010) does away with the adverts.
27th Mar 2010



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