Unleash the power of your music.

Maestro is a new web-based social music platform that provides you with free streaming access to your entire music collection, from any web browser anywhere and anytime, plus the ability to listen to playlists and songs from music lovers everywhere.

Maestro was initially created by a bunch of music fans who realized their personal music experiences were just not matching their blossoming connected lifestyles. We saw the issues as listeners, knew something was missing, and decided to do something about it. We created Maestro with the simple goal of bringing people and their music back together again. Maestro is designed to fill a void for music lovers everywhere, to construct a connected music platform that's built to extend the use of music into your lifestyle.

We believe in your right to enjoy listening to music, both music you own and music you hear about from others, no matter where you are or what devices you use. We also believe that music artists can utilize online music communities such as this to reach out to fans and connect with them more directly then ever before. The combination of the two is the online music community called Maestro.

Interact with music, both yours and that of others, and expand your experience. The new DJ of today is really the online music listener, and their “voice” is not being heard, nor are their wants and desires being met by the music marketplace today.

Through this playlist-based music discovery engine, and the added capability of remotely accessing and managing your entire music collection, Maestro revives the lost connection between people and their music. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Last modified 16th Apr 2010

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