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Languages: English and Japanese

Breaking down terrestrial boundaries, speaking the international language of rhythm, samurai.fm is the gateway to a global soundscape.

Featuring the freshest sounds from the international scene, we act as a portal delivering sound to the corners of the Earth. Not limited to a narrow range of music, we promote everything that is good; new and exciting, or old and timeless. Much of this you will not be able to hear anywhere else.

We have used technology and design at the cutting edge for our cause and put it to work for your benefit. We do not need to dress it up in hyperbole or exageration to state its usefulness or effectiveness, or convince you of its quality. Nor do we want to distract you from the quality it broadcasts.

We present you the music, and you can help us and the artists by spreading the word. Tell everyone about samurai.fm so we may act as catalysts for a musical revolution. We are a not just a website, we are a vibrant and active community within the wider music industry.

Peace and love. The samurai.fm team.

Last modified 16th Dec 2011

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