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Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish

ShareTheMusic.com is an innovative and unique project since it does not distribute music files but it acts as a middleman among those who are willing to share their music - by enabling other Internet users to listen to it.

People having a particular piece of music on their hard disk can broadcast it to only one listener at a time, and it cannot be copied by saving to the disk of another user. Owing to this, the copyright of authors, performers and producers is observed.

ShareTheMusic.com is free and available for all the Internet users disregarding their geographical location - music fans can offer access to their favourite pieces of music to other individuals from all over the world.

On ShareTheMusic.com users can also find Randomizer – the first in the world One-2-One Social Radio. It is a multi-channel, narrowly profiled radio station, in which users themselves are broadcasters. Randomizer, similarly to the whole ShareTheMusic, operates as One-2-One Streaming.

In addition, ShareTheMusic.com contains an expanded section devoted to the music community, in which users can create their own profiles, communicate, share information on music, and join thematic groups.

On ShareTheMusic.com, the Internet users can also find the extensive database of concerts around the world.

ShareTheMusic.com is a global service and is currently available in 7 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Polish. More language versions will be available soon.

The exchange of information about the music made available by users is executed via the Global Sharing Platform - a unique application for the management of musical content. The special algorithm developed by Hicron Company insures the adequate distribution of music streams between a broadcaster and a listener, at the same time taking care of the maximum efficiency of service for the highest possible number of people.

The users of the service can share their legal music files in mp3 format.

The service works with Windows (XP, Vista) and it operates with several web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.

Within two months a version for computers with MacOs and then with Linux will be launched.

Last modified 19th Apr 2010

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