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Stevie Coyle is one lucky bum!


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Stevie Coyle (late of the whiz-bang string band The Waybacks) is one lucky bum. His dad ran a radio station in southern California and brought home all the promo LPs that didn't fit the Spanish-language format. The Ventures' Guitar Freakout, The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett and Alvin And The Chipmunks Play The Beatles' Hits all came home on a single fateful day.

It didn't hurt, either, that string-meister David Lindley played in a bluegrass band that rehearsed right next door and gave Stevie his very first lessons, or that his dear Granny was a pianist in the heyday of vaudeville and that his sainted mother was a whiz in mandolin orchestras during the 1930s.

Not even several years of playing Folk Masses every Sunday could quash his musical spirit, and in high school he began fingerpicking, inspired - as so many were - by that first Hot Tuna album.

Stevie's gone solo now, and is busily booking festivals, venues and house concerts. He has completed and released his first solo CD, called "Ten-In-One," produced by singer/songwriter and guitar guru Walter Strauss.

Stevie plays 6-string acoustic guitar, baritone and Weissenborn-style lap steel guitars and he sings. He talks quite a bit, too.

Solo: "Ten In One," featuring Stevie with guest artists Mike Marshall, Phil Aaberg, Kit Walker, Corinne West, Heidi Clare, Robby Virus, Mike Phelan, Teresa Tudury, Kendrick Freeman, Sam Bevan, Rachel Tree and producer Walter Strauss.

With The Waybacks: "Devolver," "Burger After Church," "Way Live" and "From The Pasture To The Future." With The Frontmen: "The Frontmen." With Roy Zimmerman and The Foremen: "The Best Of The Foremen"

With The Frontmen: "The Frontmen"

With the The Foremen "The Best of The Foremen."

Last modified 28th May 2010

DS: Ten in One album (download) is very well produced, sounds great as does the music - we think! Shame it's not available in 24/96 though.
28th May 2010

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