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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

Best codec: MP3 192kbps

If you sometimes feel engulfed by the mad pace of modern life - and who doesn't ? - experiencing classical music through TEMPUS theory could prove quintessential.

Together with Maximianno Cobra, both TEMPUS Collection and HODIE audio staff conceived a multi-microphone sound-recording system on a 96 channel-console for both multi-microphone direct recording. The final recording/mixing process requires a long post-production work. Entirely subject to the latest audio technology, this novel conception of music-multimedia interaction also relies on thorough musicological research and detailed critical edition.

TEMPUS Collection uses two types of production and recording process.The first one it is the traditional process of recording using direct live sessions carried out in a studio using multitrack technology HR (96 Khz-24 bit) and stereo HR (192 Khz). The second process, especially conceived by HODIE for TEMPUS Collection is the so called "audio samples" (100% acoustics) realized either by our care or some other state of art collection. ASRP (Acoustic Sampling Recording Process - HR 192 Khz). This recording technique used by the whole musical world since decades on albums of any musical style even if it was first conceived mainly for movie tracks and incidental music. Please note that every single note of the score is manually played. We insist that we use only samples 100% acoustics played by high level instrumentalists on mythical instruments: Stradivarius, Ruckers, Steinway and Sons, Aristide Cavaillé-coll, etc.

Last modified 8th Jul 2011

DS: What a shame this specialist site only sells middling quality MP3s when they record in 24/96. They are surely missing a trick.
8th Jul 2011

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