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Best codec: FLAC 24bit 192.0kHz

For those who love music and sound quality, we offer ultra high resolution computer downloads of albums of our own original master recordings produced in various file formats and priced accordingly.

Ours are organic recordings. We use no compression or limiting or equalization in making them. Room acoustics, as the most important component in either the recording or the playback chain, is the only way in which we balance or do any manipulation, of any sort, to our work. Only very minimal editing is performed - only to fade in and out of the good take and get rid of the instrument tuning, studio chatter, etc. The music itself is typically completely unedited. We perform no alteration or manipulation whatsoever of the recording. We use two microphones plugged directly into microphone preamplifiers then directly into the digital recording equipment.

There is an intimacy to hearing fine, expensive, wooden instruments in this way; hearing the harmonics of the wood; the deep, rich, sweet tone and texture. This is a rare experience that only a few will ever get to hear. Most of these sonic components are lost when listening in the 30th row of even the best modern concert halls and certainly in the highly reverberant environment of some not so perfect halls; severely smearing and corrupting the sound of the instrument before it reaches the audience member. It is this experience, of the intimate sweetness, richness and delicate texture that I strive to capture and to convey to you, the listener of our work.

Last modified 27th Jun 2010

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