How you can help DreamStreaming

DreamStreaming is an information and lobbying site - we hope a rather entertaining one - supported and financed by its music loving members and the owners of the sites represented in our database.

Our members have one common interest - to access music through the internet at high quality - CD quality or better for downloads - as well as higher quality sound from streaming and on-demand services.

DreamStreaming primarily lobbies for a direct replacement for physical CDs to be available through the internet at the same 16bit/44.1kHz quality or better. As sales of physical CDs reduce year on year, it makes absolute commercial sense for Sony, WMG, EMI and the like to provide us with a direct replacement through the hundreds of internet music stores world wide. There is no technological reason why this cannot be achieved with FLAC or similar lossless compression formats.

DreamStreaming is not a profit making site. It has overheads of course, and will only survive to lobby the industry on your behalf with your help and support.

How you can help:

We hope you will add comments and reviews on DreamStreaming and suggest new sites that offer high quality music content, if they are not already present.

Please also follow DreamStreaming on Facebook and Twitter. The more social site activity we can muster, the more people will find and join DreamStreaming.

Please spread the word about DreamStreaming. We think there are millions of music lovers who want to know about and might now prefer to access CD quality music through the internet. The more members DreamStreaming has, the more credible our lobbying potential be.

Calling all music industry insiders and music makers - if you support our objectives and know industry 'movers and shakers' who should know about and may also support and lobby with us for higher quality music downloads, please do send them a link to DreamStreaming.

DreamStreaming will not survive without help to fund the development, maintenance and running costs, along with the all-important music industry lobbying. If you have found DreamStreaming helpful, or support our cause, please consider making a donation, however small. We are currently accepting donations via PayPal, Flattr and Bitcoin.

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Site sponsorship on DreamStreaming

If your music site has been chosen to be listed on DreamStreaming by one of our members, it will be seen by a rapidly growing number of music lovers and site visitors. We know money is tight, but site sponsors will get highlighted listings, showing everyone that you are a site supporter. This for a very modest yearly £25.00 Sterling or equivalent amount in any world currency.

Website owners - we have space for affiliate advertising or paid advertising. You can also support us by offering our music loving members a free FLAC or WAV track to sample and we will to your site. Please contact us for further details.